Services and entitlements

About counselling

Counselling is about talking to someone who can help you make useful changes in your life.

Getting financial support

How to go about getting financial assistance. 


Services and support just for carers

At times, caring can be demanding and draining. As a carer, looking after yourself is essential. 

Specialist clinics

Specialist clinics offer expert assessment and diagnosis as well as a number of other services.

How and why to organise support services

Most people find that support services can be of great benefit when caring for a family member or friend.

Aids and equipment

Aids and equipment help people maintain their independence and safety.

How can a CRCC help you?

Your local Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) will offer information, advice and support to you. The carer.

The role of the CRCC is to help keep caring relationships healthy and strong, that means ensuring that carers have the support that they need.

Qantas Carer Concession Card - People with a Disability Australia

The Qantas Carer Concession Card is issued to people with disability and high level support needs who require the full-time assistance of a carer whilst they are on the aircraft. A person is eligible if they need to have one-on-one support when seated on the aircraft for assistance with meals/drinks, transferring to the bathroom, orientation, communicating with the flight staff etc. A person is not eligible if they only need assistance boarding the aircraft, or when they arrive at their destination