Work and finance: what you need to know

Caring families often experience financial hardship. It can be difficult juggling with paid work and the extra costs related to illness and disability can be enormous. 

Caring and unpaid work - what are your rights?

Your right to request flexible working arrangements.

Negotiating flexible work

Tips for negotiating with your employer.

Government benefits

You may be entitled to help with the cost of caring.


You may be eligible for discounts on essential goods and services.

Carer and companion cards

Find out how these programs can help your family.

Making informed choices about electricity

At Carers Victoria, we are committed to assisting carers and caring families in as many ways as possible. We recognise that for many people, purchasing electricity is a complete mystery, that’s why we would like to help carers make informed choices about their electricity. On this page you will find information to help you understand flexible pricing, how to access your electricity use and review what you are paying for electricity. This information may help you to save on your electricity bills and reduce financial stress.