Respite under the NDIS

Carers Victoria is working with the Department of Health and Human Services to assist and support carers through the transition of Short Term Accommodation Assistance (STAA) from DHHS to the new providers.

VALID is working with DHHS to support families and residents through the transfer process of group homes. 

Respite is now called Short Term Accommodation Assistance under the NDIS.

Department of Health and Human Services disability accommodation and respite services are transferring from government to not-for-profit providers. The transition will occur from February 2019. The house ownership does not change but five providers will operate and manage each of the houses. Find details of the transition here.

Carers Victoria facts sheet

Carers Victoria's resources help guide carers through the changes to respite.

Transfer facts sheet

Carers Victoria 'Give us a Break' series

What does respite look like under the NDIS?

Short Term Accommodation Assistance under the NDIS

Tips for accessing respite under the NDIS

Opportunities for respite - Personal notes

NDIS Plan Core Supports

DHHS overview

DHHS provides an overview of the transfer process and details from each of the new providers here:

DHHS facts sheets

You can also read some fact sheets from DHHS on the transfer:

Transfer of disability accommodation and respite service 

Transfer Question and Answer for families

Preparing for the transfer; residents and families

Housing Hub

For longer-term (SDA) accommodation, The Housing Hub is a useful resource. 

The Housing Hub works like most real estate sites whereby you can search for available housing using user expected terms. All DHHS owned houses are listed when available and other providers are being encouraged to use as well.

More information:

For further information about group homes, call VALID on 1800 655 570 and visit the VALID website.

For further information about Short Term Accommodation Assistance (STAA) previously Respite, call Carers Victoria on 1800 242 636.