Week 4: Implementing the NDIS Plan (February, 2018)

Once an NDIS Plan is completed and approved, it's time to develop skills in managing the plan and getting the most out of it. Here are resources to help you understand the process and get the most out of your care recipient's plan.

Date Item/Topic Link
Monday 5 February, 2018 Snapshot learning: Turning Plans into Action  Open
Tuesday 6 February Facebook Live: Introduction to Week 4 Open 
Thursday 8 February  Webinar: Implementing the NDIS Plan 
Thursday 8 February  Podcast: Implementing the NDIS Plan  Open
Thursday 8 February  Plan Management and the Participant Portal: Disability Loop NDIS Understanding workshops video clip Open
Thursday 8 February  NDIS Participant Portal User guide  Open
Thursday 8 February  MyPlace participant portal step by step guide  Open
Thursday 8 February   NDIS Guide to Service Agreements  Open
Thursday 8 February  Carers Australia - Service Agreement template  Open
Thursday 8 February  Disability Care Australia - Making an Agreement with your Provider  Open
Thursday 8 February   NDIS Plans Explained. Plan Approved....What next?  Open
Thursday 8 February   Self Managing Budgets Open
Thursday 8 February   NDIS Plan Implementation: Self-managing budgets in my NDIS plan  Open
Thursday 8 February   Understanding your plans and supports  Open
Thursday 8 February   Finding Service Providers Open
Thursday 8 February   Find Registered Service Providers NDIS Provider lists  Open
Thursday 8 February   Everything Carers - Service Finder: Locate other service providers  Open
Thursday 8 February   Clickability - Rate and Review Providers Open
Thursday 8 February   How to make a NDIS payment request in MyPlace Open
Thursday 8 February   Specialised Disability Accommodation  Open
Thursday 8 February   Supported Independent Living  Open
Thursday 8 February   Self Managing the plan Open
Thursday 8 February   House With No Steps Sample Agreements  Open 
Thursday 8 February   Endeavour Foundation - What could my plan look like?  Open 
Thursday 8 February   How to make an NDIS payment request in MyPlace tutorial   Open 
Thursday 8 February   NDIS myplace Provider Portal Tutorial - Bulk Upload Payment Requests (previously known as claims) Open 
Thursday 8 February   CATS Inc - 5 Steps Post NDIS Planning meeting  Open
Thursday 8 February   NDIS Directly engaging my own staff Factsheet Open