NDIS Carers Online Recap - Week 3

NDIS Carers Online Recap

Each week we will provide a recap of whats happened in case you missed anything

Week 3 Accessing the NDIS

This week we will be focusing on Accessing the NDIS and getting ready. This includes things how to access the ndis, how to get ready and tips and resources for you to use.

You can also have a look at last weeks recap here:

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Date Item/Topic Link
Monday 15th May 2016 Facebook Live Open
Tuesday 16th May Snapshot: Accessing the NDIS Open
Wednesday 17th May Webinar: Accessing the NDIS & Getting Ready Open
Wednesday 17th May Webinar: Accessing the NDIS & Getting Ready - Audio only podcast version Open
Thursday 18th May

Operational Guidelines – Access

Thursday 18th May Accessing the NDIS Factsheet Open
Thursday 18th May List A – Conditions which are likely to meet the disability requirements in section 24 of the NDIS Act (over 7 years old) Open
Thursday 18th May List B – Permanent conditions for which functional capacity are variable and further assessment of functional capacity generally is required (over 7 years old) Open
Thursday 18th May List C – Defined Programs Open
Thursday 18th May List D – Permanent Impairment/Early intervention, under 7 years – no further assessment required Open
Thursday 18th May Completing the access process for the NDIS: Tips for Communicating about Psychosocial Disability Open
Thursday 18th May Proof of age and residency requirements for Access Request Form factsheet Open