NDIS Carers Online Program

Each week of the online program we will follow the basic structure so that you know when to look for information. Pre-planning for the NDIS is a theme of Week 1-3 and was held in December 2017. Post Planning and the NDIS will be the theme of Week 4-6 and will be held in February 2018.

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Week 1: Introduction to the NDIS

This week we focused on the basics of NDIS, how it works and how you can get started on the NDIS Pathway.

Week 2: Accessing the NDIS

Here the focusing is on Accessing the NDIS and getting ready. This includes things how to access the NDIS, how to get ready and tips and resources for you to use.

Week 3: Planning for the NDIS

This week we will be focusing on planning for the NDIS. This is where you will begin to think about the goals of the person you care for the resources and supports they will need to achieve successful NDIS outcomes.

Week 4: Implementing the NDIS Plan

This week we will focus on turning plans into action and understanding what the expectations are for the person you care for after the planning meeting.

Week 5: Reviewing the Plan

This week will look at what happens at the one year review of the NDIS plan as well as change of circumstance review, internal reviews, advocacy and the complaints process. 

Week 6: Making the most of the NDIS

This recap includes all of the resources shared during week six of the NDIS Carers Online Program

NDIS Carers Online - Archive May 2017 Program

This is the the archive homepage for the Carer's Victoria's NDIS Carers Online learning program, which was run in May 2017. It contains links to all of the resources shared during the program.