NDIS Carers Online is also an online space that aims to provide information, resources, links, webinars, podcasts and more for carers that may not be able to attend face to face education NDIS sessions. The content is managed by Carers Victoria for carers of people transitioning to the NDIS and implementing the NDIS plan. The information is broken down into themes from Intro to NDIS, Accessing the NDIS, pre-planning and to Managing the NDIS. By breaking down the NDIS journey into modules, carers can opt into content that is most relevant to them at their stage and access at a time that is best for them.

NDIS Carers Online Program (2018)

This is the homepage for Carer's Victoria's NDIS Carers Online learning program. It contains links to all of the resources shared during the program.

NDIS Snapshots for Carers

Our series of NDIS Snapshots for carers aim to provide carers with an easy and simple way to learn the key things they need to know to successfully manage the transition of the person they care for the NDIS.

Each snapshot has been developed to enable carers to either quickly skim through the headlines on their mobile phone, or explore the detail through a range of videos and links to further reading.

NDIS Workbooks for Carers

Each of the 8 workbooks found here have practical tools and templates to help Carers get ready for the transition to the NDIS for the person they care for. 

NDIS Sample Plans

A list of sample plans to give Carers examples of the types of services and supports available under NDIS.

NDIS Planning Resources and Factsheets

This page contains a range of tools, resources and factsheets which will assist carers to prepare and plan to enter into the NDIS. 

Respite under the NDIS

The Victorian Government is transferring DHHS disability accommodation and respite services to not-for-profit service providers.

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