Changing places and MLAK key; Find accessible toilets across Victoria

It is estimated that up to 1.3 million Australians have a profound or severe core limitation and may require some or all of the equipment in a Changing Places facility.
By removing a major barrier to inclusion, Changing Places facilities enable people with a disability, their families and carers to participate fully in society. 
Changing Places facilities are different to standard accessible toilets. They have extra features, more space and can often be accessed 24/7 with a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK).

Each Changing Places toilet provides:
• push button entry and exit
• height adjustable adult-sized change table
• ceiling hoist
• additional circulation space
• a safe and clean environment
**Users will need to provide their own sling for use with the hoist**

People with a disability can purchase a MLAK to gain 24/7 access to Changing Places facilities. A letter from a doctor or disability organisation will
need to be provided.

For more information visit and click the ‘Learn More’ tab.
A full list of Changing Places facilities around Australia can be found on the Changing Places Australia website

Find the search tool for changing places toilets across Victoria.

Some of the major Victorian locations include MCG, Melbourne Zoo, Flinders St and Southern Cross stations.