Carers Victoria Educational Programs and Workshops

What we offer:

• Information sessions: Face to Face one-hour session providing a brief overview of a topic. 
• Workshops: A two-hour session Face to Face workshop which best meet your needs.
• Programs: A series of two or more sessions designed to build on and complement each other and provide in-depth information on a topic. 
• Online Learning:  Online learning modules cover a range of topics and formats which can can explore when best suits you. 

Information and Workshop Topics available:

  • About us - Find out about Carers Vic and the impact caring has on your own health and wellbeing -1 hr
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – Information Session This information session provides an overview of NDIS-2hrs
  • Aged Care Information Session  - The aged care system is complex and can be confusing, be prepared! -2hrs
  • Introduction to Dementia for carers -  In this 3hr introductory session you will learn about the impact on carers of changes in the brain caused by this illness, and why the person behaves in the way they do.
  • One session Workshops - 2hrs in duration
  • Carers get angry too - Caring can be rewarding, but at times it can be frustrating and a source of anger. Understanding and acknowledging our anger can be useful. Learn constructive coping strategies
  • Caring for yourself -Do you take better care of the person you are caring for than yourself? We will discuss and share strategies to help you care for yourself.
  • Change, loss and moving forward - Changes — wanted or unwanted — are an inevitable part of caring. This session provides a safe environment to discuss some of those changes. Loss and grief is often associated with unwanted change and can impact negatively on health and wellbeing if it is not recognised or acknowledged. This workshop explores strategies that may assist in moving forward.
  • Changing relationships - Relationships don’t end as a result of life changing events such as illness, brain injury, personality change or cognitive decline, but they do evolve.
  • Communicating with family and friends - We all communicate every day, but what happens when things go wrong? Confident communication is a skill that can be learnt.
  • Communicating with professionals - This workshop provides practical skills to help build your confidence when working with services.
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney - This introductory workshop discusses Powers of Attorney and Guardianship and Administration orders, but does not provide legal advice.
  • Music and self-care Music affects our mood, energy levels and physical health. This workshop will explore how to choose music that makes you feel good (no solo singing required!)
  • Relax and unwind – improve your wellbeing Do you sometimes feel like your brain is spinning?This workshop will explore some simple techniques to help you relax.
  • Respite without tears - Respite just means ‘taking a break’ and this can take a variety of forms.
  • Sleep Matters - Learn some tips for better sleep and try some techniques that may help you deal with worry and to relax at night.
  • Surviving carer stress - In this workshop we will explore stress and what it means for you.
  • Write your cares away - Writing about your thoughts and feelings can reduce stress and contribute to positive health and wellbeing. These simple, enjoyable writing activities only last for three to five minutes at a time.
  • What is your money style? - We will explore how different people make money decisions and learn some simple ways to steer clear of money traps    

Programs available:  

  • Aged Care Program: Carers, families and the system 4 sessions
  • Carer Support Group Facilitator Training - A one-day comprehensive program 
  • Dementia Program: Carers, families and the system 4 sessions
  • Disability Program: Carers, families and the system 4 sessions
  • Stepping into your future Are you a carer? Do you want to enter the workforce but not sure what steps to take? 2 sessions.

For more information please contact our Education Services on 1800 242 636 or via email at 

For complete details on all sessions, workshops and programs download the brochure here

 Our online learning modules cover a range of topics including:

  • NDIS Snapshots for Carers
  • My Daily Dose: Self Care for Carers
  • NDIS Carers Online
  • Supporting Young LGBTQI Carers
  • Planning in a Changing Environment
  • Give me a Break 
  • Supporting your Ageing Parent 
  • Communicating with Professionals
  • Voting is for everyone