Whether you're looking for some advice as a new carer or trying to navigate the NDIS, you'll find all you need to know in our resources section. 



NDIS Resources

NDIS Carers Online is also an online space that aims to provide information, resources, links, webinars, podcasts and more for carers that may not be able to attend face to face education NDIS sessions. The content is managed by Carers Victoria for carers of people transitioning to the NDIS and implementing the NDIS plan. The information is broken down into themes from Intro to NDIS, Accessing the NDIS, pre-planning and to Managing the NDIS. By breaking down the NDIS journey into modules, carers can opt into content that is most relevant to them at their stage and access at a time that is best for them.

Carers Victoria, Carer Support Group Meeting Workshops and Sessions Available

Carers Victoria offers carer workshops and educational programs to help you enhance your knowledge about how to best support your own health and wellbeing, and that of the person you are caring for. Through our Education Service you will be able to explore the impact of caring on your emotional and physical health. You will also gain practical advice on how to navigate the health and community sector. This guide contains an overview of the different information sessions, workshops and programs available to carers and Carer Support Groups from a diverse range of situations and communities.


Services and entitlements

Find out about some of the supports and entitlements available to carers.

Learn online now

Our online leaning modules cover a range of topics including:

  • Voting is for everyone
  • Planning in a Changing Environment
  • Give me a Break 
  • Supporting your Ageing Parent 
  • Communicating with Professionals

Getting back to work

Information and resources for taking steps and getting back into the workforce and volunteering. 

How and why to get family to help with caring

Information on sharing the care with other family members.

Caring for someone with a specific condition (Dementia)

Information on Dementia, diagnosis, residential care and coping strategies. 

Stand up and be heard

Find out about advocacy, rights and dealing with conflict in the health field. 

Practical matters to help with the caring role

Practical information on caring planning, legal matters, and change of circumstances. 

Taking care of yourself

The most important step in caring for someone else is taking care of yourself, here are some tips that might help. 

Information about caring

What is caring and what are the experiences that are involved in having a caring role?

Get Me About Community Transport Services

Services and support directory. 

Ability 2 Drive

Ability2Drive offers Specialised Driver Training to NDIS participants throughout Victoria. With a focus on providing individualised driver programs for people with disabilities, Ability2Drive can help with every aspect of driving including the study necessary to sit the learners permit test as well as practical driving lessons. All participants undergo an OT driving assessment prior to their lessons to ensure they are capable to safely operate a vehicle and programs are then tailored to their needs.